About Us

I am a 25 year old who just recently got out of college, I went to school to be a nurse but actually ended up becomming a pharmacist. I learned that my passion is helping people and that I love medicine, it intrigues me. Other than that my hobbies include going to the beach with my boyfriend, tanning, swimming,hiking. I am an outdoorsy type of girl and always will be. 

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History of project

There is not really much of a history with this project but I have decided today that I am going to write this blog specifically about gastritis and gastrits natual medicines.

Our users

Hopefully our users are pretty much going to be a broad spectrum and hopefully we bring in some attention from many different kinds of people. Specifically people with stomach problems like ulcers, gallstones, gastritis, IBS and so on. 


HowtoCureGastritis candysmith187@hotmail.com